Pass Members

Increased Ticket Discounts for Family & Friends

This year, Annual Pass Members receive an additional $10 off single-day admission ticket for visiting friends and relatives.

1-Park and 2-Park Pass Members receive $25 off Single-Day Tickets while Platinum Pass Members receive $30 off. There's so many exciting things planned for 2017 that you'll want your friends and family to share in the fun. 

Discounted Single-Day Tickets are available for Busch Gardens through
Oct. 29, 2017 and Water Country USA through Sept. 10, 2017.

Pass Members can receive these discounts by one of three ways:

  • Logging in to the Pass Member site with a barcode and zip code
  • Scanning an active pass at a self-service kiosk located at the front of the park
  • Visiting any front-gate ticket window

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